Wednesday, 11 July 2018

You may be reading this because I‘ve recently commented on your blog.  If so,  it’s probably because I needed a Google account to leave a comment on it. I don’t use this blog much. I usually post on …made out of words,  my wordpress blog.

If you have a “blogspot” blog like this one and want to make it easier for bloggers from other platforms (wordpress, etc.) to comment on your blog,  go to “Settings”, select “Posts,  comments and sharing” and where it says “Who can comment? “ select “Anyone”. Then click on "Save Settings" (top right). I’ve done this to this blog, although I don’t use it much. I feel quite strongly about this: I think blogging is a great thing and people being able to comment flexibly and reasonably easily is an important part of keeping it going.

I do post here sometimes but my most recent posts can be found at ...made out of words.


  1. Well, just for the hell of it I will comment on this blog. It looks as if it has some interesting posts. I've been told by the physio not to cycle for a while but hopefully I will be back in the saddle soon.

    1. Thanks for that. I've only just picked it up (October). Hopefully, you are back in the saddle, if you've not had it nicked again! :)

  2. The problem with allowing 'anyone' to comment on your blog (which I do too) means lots of spam, which okay doesn't appear on your blog if you have comment moderation but does mean you have to wade trhough loads of spam while you're moderating the good comments

  3. Dominic, this is you! I guessed it was when I read your comment on my Blogger blog. You're right, I will change the settings. Thanks!